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Thinking about retiring? Use these helpful calculators to start planning

Magic Number Calculator: Determine the annual shift required to achieve your ideal IRA balance by age 72. This is your "Magic Number". By shifting the Magic Number, you will maximize the amount you can withdraw from the IRA in retirement while paying 0% tax*.


Potential Tax Bill Calulator: If you’ve saved for retirement in an IRA, 401(k) or other tax-deferred vehicle, you have a tax bill due in retirement. That’s because you’ve deferred your taxes to the future.

Do you know the size of your potential tax bill?



Social Security

One way to start planning for your future is by creating my Social Security account online. With my Social Security, you can verify your earnings, get your Social Security Statement, and much more – all from the comfort of your home or office.

Additionally, Social Security has a variety of calculators to help you plan for the future. Using these calculators can help you understand the impact of the decisions you are making today. And, we know that you will have additional questions. We are here to help you. Just give us a call at your convenience.

Social Security Quick Calculator: With the quick calculator you get a rough estimate of your benefits in today's dollars or future dollars when you input your date of birth and this year's earnings. Does not include WEP reduction. You must be 21 or older for this calculator to work correctly.

Social Security Retirement Age: Find your full retirement age and see how your monthly benefits may be reduced if you retire before your full retirement age.

Social Security Earnings Test Calculator: See how your earnings may affect your benefit payments if you are currently working and are eligible for retirement or survivors benefits this year.

Social Security Early or Late Retirement?: Determine the effect on your benefit amount if you file for early or delayed retirement benefits.